Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Main Parts

ATI Radeon 4850 512mb gfx card

Intel pentium Core 2 Duo E5300 2.4ghz

Asus barebone P5G45 LGA775


  1. Not bad for a bare bones. I made one the other day: Pentium 3, 40 GB hd (windows xp already installed), 512mb RAM. That is the definition of bare bones.

  2. How much did this run you? what about the rest of the rig?

  3. It ended up being about 100 dollars total. The motherboard/processor came together for 20 bucks, the 40gb with windows xp was 15 bucks, the ram was 20 bucks, the case was 15 bucks. Just an old case I found on ebay. Then shipping costs.